Entering A Proposal Review

A Note About Editing Reviews

The TAC applications are web applications, and are subject to unforeseen issues such as network interruptions that do not affect applications such as Microsoft Word or various text editors that save data locally. If you plan on extensive writing related to and/or editing of your proposal reviews, you may wish to create a folder/directory on your computer and create documents where you can initially write, revise, and save your reviews.

When you feel your review is ready, go to the proposal in the web application and paste your review text from your local copy into the review fields, then save them. From this point you can also collaborate with other assigned reviewers to finalize the review and submit for approval. Maintaining a local copy of your reviews will prevent or minimize the possibility of inadvertent loss of your proposal review data if an issue should occur.

Step 1

Go to one of the (discussion, panelist reviews, or assignments). Navigate to the proposal to be edited. A Review Assignment indicator should be displayed at the top of the next to the proposal ID indicating you are assigned to review the proposal.

Step 2

If you are not in the assignments view, switch views by selecting Edit/Submit Review from the Views menu in the upper left.

Step 3 

Enter review comments in the appropriate fields; proposal information, other reviews, your private notes, and panel remarks are also available for use while editing. Click Save Review to save all review fields. Fields containing text will display an icon next to the name in field tab.

 When editing comments, navigation is locked to prevent navigating away with unsaved text. Saving the review unlocks navigation controls.