Navigating Panel Proposals

Sign in to the TAC proposal peer review application.

In the main view, you will see your panel assignments at the top. Clicking the panel name will take you to the panel home view. Below the panel listing are listings of review assignments and conflicts. Click those links to view a proposal. To download an archive of all panel data, click the link on the right side of the view.

Click the panel link in the panel assignments section to go to the panel home view. The tabs display filtered listings of proposals in the panel -- primary/secondary review assignments, preliminary grading assignments, conflicts, and all proposals. Click the proposal ID in any of these listings to view the proposal. In some views, a menu with alternate proposal view options may be available. Select the link in the menu to view the proposal.

Sign in to the TAC proposal peer review application. If not expanded, click the "hamburger" display control at the top of the sidebar. Next, click Panel to expand the list of assigned panels, then click the panel name in the to reveal panel view options.

Click either the Discussion, Review, or Review Assignments links to go to the desired proposal view. If you are viewing proposals for the first time in the session, the view will default to the first proposal in the panel. If you are returning to proposals, the view will pick up from your last position in the panel proposal list.

The Grading link will take you to a panel grading view from which you can download/upload grading worksheets as well as view your submitted grades for the active grading phase. The Final Ranking link will take you to a read-only view of the final raking for the panel, including orbits allocations and other proposal information. This view will only be available during the final grading/review phase.

Use one of the above methods to go to a proposal view. To navigate sequentially between proposals in any view, click the Previous or Next buttons. To go to a specific proposal, select it from the proposal pulldown menu.

To switch between proposal views, select the desired view from the Views menus. If you want to go to the assignments view to edit your review comments, you can also click the Review Assignment indicator.

Review Assignments Filtering

When you are in the assignments view, the pulldown menu and Previous/Next buttons will shift to navigating between your assignments. As long as you remain in the assignments view you can move between your assigned set of proposal reviews without navigating through other proposal in the panel.