Notes, Remarks, and Comments

During the review process you will need to, and be asked to, record information on proposals. This information may be for your own personal use, information that will be used by the panel, or information for the proposal PI/team related to their proposal. The peer review client provides several methods for you to record this information, and the nomenclature used to refer to this information and features servicing them can be confusing. This section attempts to clarify the nomenclature and how it relates to software features.

Private Notes

You may wish to take notes, make comments, or otherwise record information about proposals during the review process for personal reference and/or that you would like to remain private. The peer review software provides a private notes field associated with each proposal for recording this information, visible only to you.

Your private notes are available in both the discussion and My Reviews modes for notes entry or to reference existing notes.

Private notes are only visible to you. They are not visible to other panelists, panel chairs, or administrators.


The peer review is a collaborative process, and panelists bring a wide range of expertise to the review. During review, you may wish to make comments on or point out aspects of the proposal to your fellow panelists. Since the in-panel discussions are only a small part of the overall review schedule, disseminating these comments is not always easy or practical. The proposal remarks feature of the peer review software provides a venue to pass these comments along to your fellow panelists.

Remarks can be entered and viewed from the from either the discussion or review assignment views of the proposal. You can enter or remove your remarks as desired; panel administrators may remove any remarks deemed to be offensive or not relevant to the discussion of the proposal.


In the context of the peer review, "comments" usually refer to the content of the reviews produced by panelists relating to the proposal. These comments refer to the strengths, weaknesses, resources, and other relevant aspects of the proposal, and they will be returned to the investigators on the proposal for informational/educational purposes.

During peer review, you will be assigned to write review comments on a subset of proposals in your panel. To enter these comments, you will need to switch to the review assignments view. In review assignment, you will be be in a filtered mode where you can move between only your assigned proposals. For each proposal review, switch to your tab and enter comments in the appropriate fields. When you and any other assigned panelists have completed collaborating on the review comments, you will submit the comments for final review and approval by TAC administrative staff.