Submitting A Proposal Review

Step 1

Go to one of the (Discussion, Panelist Reviews, or Review Assignements). Navigate to the proposal to be edited.

Step 2

Switch to Review Assignments. Click on your review tab.

Step 3

Your panel administrator will notify the panel when final review submittal is enabled and available. When enabled, a Submit As Final button will be visible in your review.

Step 4

To submit your comments as the final review for the proposal, click Submit As Final; the comments will be saved and the proposal status updated.

You can continue to re-submit comments while the proposal is in the Submitted state; it is recommended that you revert the proposal to Reviewing if you plan extensive further edits.

Once the proposal comments have been submitted, panel administrators are notified of the submittal so that the comments can undergo a final check and editorial review. Once the proposal has been reviewed it will be marked Complete; at that time all comments are locked and no further edits are permitted.