HST Proposal Opportunities and Science Policies

Articles in this section comprise the traditional Call for Proposals.  These articles include information on observing and science policies, and details on the proposal submission process, including roadmaps.

Downloadable PDF collections of these articles are provided as a courtesy, made available and updated when feasible. The online documentation is the authority, and will be updated with the latest information.

Current HST Proposal Opportunities


Release Notice: January 06, 2022

We are pleased to announce the Cycle 30 Call for Proposals for Hubble Space Telescope (HST) observations and funding for archival research programs.

Participation in this program is open to all categories of organizations, both domestic and foreign, including educational institutions, profit and nonprofit organizations, NASA Centers, and other Government agencies.

Cycle 30 will extend from  October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023. We will accept proposals for the following instruments: ACS, COS, FGS, STIS, and WFC3.

We anticipate allocating up to 3000 orbits in this cycle. See Hubble Space Telescope Call for Proposals for Cycle 30 for further details.  

This solicitation for proposals will be open through March 25, 2022 at 8:00pm EDT. The Astronomer's Proposal Tool (APT), which is required for Phase I Proposal Submission, was made available for Cycle 30 Phase I use on December 15, 2021. Results of the selection will be announced by late June.

Questions can be addressed to the STScI HST Help Desk (https://hsthelp.stsci.edu). 

The Cycle 30 Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals (CP) invites the astronomical community to propose for observing time on HST in a given cycle (nominally one year in duration). It summarizes the policies and procedures for proposing in that cycle of HST observing, including requests for research funding on archival HST data.  See Hubble Space Telescope Call for Proposals for Cycle 30 for more information.

The Hubble Space Telescope Primer for Cycle 30 provides an overview of the Hubble Space Telescope, with basic information about the telescope operations, instrument capabilities, and technical aspects of the proposal preparation process. 

Late Breaking News

    • Feb 15, 2022: To avoid clashes between HST Cycle 31 activities and JWST Cycle 2 activities, it is likely that HST Cycle 30 will be extended by 2 months (through to 30 November 2023), and the orbit allocation for Cycle 30 increased by up to 500 orbits. A final decision will be made towards the end of JWST commissioning, prior to the HST Proposal Review. As usual, the orbits will be distributed proportionately among the proposal categories. For more information, see the February 2022 JSTUC presentation.
    • Feb 14, 2022: APT 2022.1 was released on Feb 11. Cycle 30 proposers should use this version to submit their proposals. Submissions started in earlier versions can be transferred to 2022.1.
    • Jan 20, 2022: APT 2022.1 or later must be used for Cycle 30 proposal submissions. This will be released by mid-February. We will alert the community as soon as it is available.
    • Jan 11, 2022: Long-term GO programs may only include non-disruptive ToOs for execution in future cycles.

See also HST New and Important Features.

Science Justification Templates

Templates for HST Cycle 30 Proposal PDF attachments:

Note: the Word and LaTeX templates have intentionally different margins, to accommodate the same amount of text per page. See HST Guidelines and Checklist for Phase I Proposal Preparation for information on page limits.

See HST Preparation of the PDF Attachment for more information.

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