9.3.1 FGS POS TARG and Interferometer Coordinate Systems

This article shows how the FGS detectors' reference frame compare to HST's U2, U3 reference frame for POS Mode.

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Format definitions

Boldface type indicates the name of an APT parameter or a value for a parameter.

(red star) Black text indicates an important note.

Magenta text indicates available but unsupported parameters (requires prior approval from STScI).

Red text indicates restricted parameters (for STScI use only).

Brown text indicates text file parameters.

Items in brackets - <value> - are required values.

Items in square brackets - [<value>] - are optional.

The POS TARG reference frame must be used to specify Special Requirements POS TARG and ORIENTation. Note that the FGS interferometer axes and POS TARG axes have different origins and parities. The interferometer reference frame is used in pipeline processing only.

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