Large, Treasury, & Legacy Proposals

Large GO proposals (requesting 75+ orbits), Treasury GO proposals (of any size with significant archival value), and AR Legacy proposals (promising broad and significant community benefit) are reviewed by the EC. These proposals receive external reviews from community members, providing expert advice to non-specialists on the EC. EC members will also solicit feedback from the topical panels on these proposals.

Uniquely for Cycle 32, the EC will also review Multi-Cycle Treasury (MCT) programs. These are a spcial class of Treasury program requesting more than 350 orbits, to enable science that cannot be accomodated through standard GO programs.

I'm a topical panelist - what should I do with these?

You will be sent a subset of Large, Treasury (including MCT), and Legacy proposals alongside your panel assignments. These proposals may cover a wide range of science areas, not just your own, as the proposals sent will be based on what your Panel Chair and Vice Chair have been assigned and not on science area.

You should read these proposals ahead of the panel meeting, but you will not be required to grade them. Some time will be set aside during the meeting for you to provide feedback to your Panel Chair and Vice Chair. At-Large TAC members often aim to be present for these discussions as well.

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