Preparing for the Panel Meeting

The preliminary grades are used to identify the top proposals for discussion during the review meeting; lower-ranked proposals are marked for triage. Several days in advance of the meeting, panelists are informed which proposals will be discussed and which have been triaged.

There are three ares in which panelists should prepare for the meeting.

Raising Triaged Proposals

Panelists have the option of raising a limited number of triaged proposals for discussion and re-grading if they feel there are compelling reasons; panelists cannot raise a proposal where they have a conflict.

Panelists should inform the Chair and PSS of these proposals as soon as possible so as to give other panelists time to review the proposals ahead of the meeting.

Primary and Secondary Review Assignments

Each proposal is assigned a Primary and Secondary reviewer who are responsible for leading the discussion of the proposal in the review meeting.

Panelists should note their primary and secondary assignments and come prepared to lead those discussions.

Additional Reading

In the meeting, panelists will be expected to discuss and grade all proposals scheduled for discussion, except for those where they are conflicted.

As such, panelists should ensure that they have read all proposals flagged for discussion ahead of the meeting, including those they did not read for preliminary grading.

Panelists should not provided grades at this time.

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