HST Cycle 27 Appendix A: Contact Information

Contact information for STScI support.

Space Telescope Science Institute


3700 San Martin Drive, Baltimore, Maryland 21218, USA

[1] 410-338-xxxx (where xxxx is the extension number)
Main switchboard extension: 4700

STScI HST Help Desk:
website: https://hsthelp.stsci.edu
email: help@stsci.edu

Archive Help Desk:
website: https://masthelp.stsci.edu
ext. 4547; email: archive@stsci.edu

Director’s Office:
Director: Ken Sembach; ext. 5052; email: sembach@stsci.edu

HST Mission Office:
Head: Tom Brown; ext. 4902; email: tbrown@stsci.edu

ESA HST Project Scientist & Mission Manager:
Antonella Nota; ext. 4520; email: nota@stsci.edu

Associate Director for Science:
I. Neill Reid; ext. 4971; email: inr@stsci.edu

Science Mission Office:
Head: Alessandra Aloisi; ext. 4519; email: aloisi@stsci.edu

Science Policies Group:
Head: Claus Leitherer; ext. 4425; email: leitherer@stsci.edu

Technical Manager:
Brett Blacker; ext. 1281; email: blacker@stsci.edu

Grants Administration Office:
Head: Paula Sessa; ext. 4816; email: sessa@stsci.edu

Office of Public Outreach:
Head: Hussein Jirdeh; ext. 4381; email: jirdeh@stsci.edu

Observation Planning:
Observation Planning Branch Head: Denise Taylor; ext. 4824; email: dctaylor@stsci.edu

Instruments Division:
ACS Team Lead: Norman Grogin; ext. 4219; email: nagrogin@stsci.edu
COS Team Lead: Cristina Oliveira; ext. 4328; email: oliveira@stsci.edu
STIS Team Lead: John Debes; ext. 4782; email: debes@stsci.edu
WFC3 Team Lead: Sylvia Baggett; ext. 5054; email: sbaggett@stsci.edu

Canadian Astronomy Data Centre


CADC, Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, 5071 W. Saanich Rd., Victoria, B.C. V8X 4M6, Canada

[1] 604-363-0025


The CADC provides assistance to HST users in Canada.

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