Advice for Planning ACS Observations - HST Cycle 32

Ray A. Lucas, Nimish P. Hathi, and Norman A. Grogin

Version 5.0 –  07 March, 2024

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1.005 May, 2020Ray Lucas
2.016 March, 2021Ray Lucas
3.022 June, 2022Ray Lucas
4.004 April, 2023Ray Lucas
4.107 September, 2023Ray Lucas
5.007 March, 2024Ray Lucas


We are grateful for the advice and information provided by fellow members of the STScI ACS Team over the years, as well as the ST-ECF and others whose work we have referenced. 


In publications, refer to this document as:

  • Lucas, R.A. et al. 2024, "Advice for Planning ACS Observations," Version 5.0, (Baltimore: STScI)