2.2 Relationship to Phase II Proposal

Associated with each astrometry observation is the Support Schedule file, with file names *.dmh. This product is generated at STScI by the Science Planning and Support System (SPSS). It is a GEIS header file with no associated data file. Contained within are keywords and values which repeat some of the information in the FGS header files, such as the HST state vector. More importantly, the contents of this file can be used to map a specific FGS observation to the proposal's Phase II exposure log sheet. The proposal ID, PI identifier, target name, proposal type, proposal title, and exposure logsheet line are among the entries. The only keyword used by the astrometry pipeline is the value of DGESTAR to determine which guiding FGS was tracking the dominant guide star. Observers should review the contents of both the *.a1h and *.dmh files, which can be done using imheader as above.