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Welcome to STScI's Hubble Space Telescope Documentation – "HDox".  Powered by Confluence, HDox pages offer improved search capabilities and a new look and feel. The following documents are available:

Instrument Handbooks

To learn about the instruments:

Call for Proposals

To prepare your proposal:

Advice for Planning ACS Observations

Data Handbooks

To learn more about data from the instruments:

Phase II Proposal Instructions

To prepare your Phase II submission for accepted proposals:

DrizzlePac Handbook

To align, process, and combine your HST images:

Additional Resources

Additional Documentation

MAST: Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes

HST Help Desk

If you have questions, please contact the Help Desk: 

  • HST Help Desk web portal
    • Read Knowledge Base articles that address Frequently Asked Questions
    • Search all HDox pages and Knowledge Base articles for answers
    • Send your question directly to the appropriate team of experts
  • help@stsci.edu
    • Questions may also still be submitted via e-mail