WFC3 Data Handbook

Version 4.0 - May 2018
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Wide Field Camera 3 Data Handbook 

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Revision History





May 2018

Mario Gennaro, et al.


January 2016

Susana Deustua, et al.


May 2011

Abhijith Rajan, et al.


October 2010

Abhijith Rajan, et al.


January 2009

Jessica Kim Quijano, Howard Bushouse, and Susana Deustua


This document is written and maintained by the WFC3 Team in the Instruments Division of STScI. The WFC3 Team, at the time of this writing, consists of Jay Anderson, Sylvia Baggett, Varun Bajaj, Gabriel Brammer, Matthew Bourque, Annalisa Calamida, Susana Deustua, Linda Dressel, Jules Fowler, Mario Gennaro, Harish Khandrika, Vera Khozurina-Platais, Heather Kurtz, Knox Long, Jennifer Mack, Catherine Martlin, Peter McCullough, Myles McKay, Jennifer Medina, Michele de la Pena, Norbert Pirzkal, Ryan Russell, Kailash Sahu, Clare Shanahan, Megan Sosey, Adam Riess, Elena Sabbi, Kevin Stevenson and Ben Sunnquist.


In publications, refer to this document as:

  • Gennaro, M., et al., 2018, “WFC3 Data Handbook”, Version 4.0, (Baltimore: STScI).