COS Data Handbook

Version 4.0 - May 2018
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Cosmic Origins Spectrograph Data Handbook

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Revision History





May 2018

Marc Rafelski
Senior Technical Editors: Susan Rose and Sharon Toolan


October 2015

Andrew Fox
Senior Technical Editor: Susan Rose


January 2013

Derck Massa, Brian York and Svea Hernandez


March 2009

Brittany Shaw, Derck Massa, and Mary Elizabeth Kaiser


This document is written and maintained by the COS Team in the Instruments Division of STScI with the assistance of associates in the Operations and Engineering Division. Contributions to the current edition were also made by Gisella De Rosa, William J. Fischer, Mees Fix, Andrew Fox, Nick Indriolo, Bethan James, Camellia Magness, Cristina M. Oliveira, Steven V. Penton, Rachel Plesha, Julia Roman-Duval, David J. Sahnow, Ravi Sankrit, Elaine M. Snyder, Joanna M. Taylor, and James White. The editor especially thanks Elaine M. Snyder for her significant contributions.


In publications, please refer to this document as

  • Rafelski, M., et al. 2018, COS Data Handbook, Version 4.0, (Baltimore: STScI).