1.3 Calibration Reference Data

Reference files used by the various HST data calibration pipelines are managed by CRDS. The used reference files are retrievable via the MAST portal while retrieving observational data. Alternatively, users may browse all active reference files in a given reference file context via the HST CRDS website at https://hst-crds.stsci.edu/. When a new reference file is delivered, or old reference files are updated for any reason, a new context is generated and the reason for delivery is logged. Historical reference file contexts may also be explored on the CRDS website.

Users who wish to determine if there have been updates to reference files since their data files were downloaded can use the crds Python package. Instructions for best reference file matching may be found at https://hst-crds.stsci.edu/static/users_guide/basic_use.html. These tools can update FITS files to use the new calibration data and also download all of the required reference files to a local cache.