2.2 Rootnames

Rootnames of HST data files follow the naming convention defined in Table 2.1

Table 2.1:  IPPPSSOOT Root Filenames




Instrument used, will be one of:
e - Engineering data
f - Fine Guidance Sensors
i - Wide Field Camera 3
j - Advanced Camera for Surveys
l - Cosmic Origins Spectrograph
n - Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrograph
o - Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph
s - Engineering subset data
t - Guide star position data
u - Wide Field/Planetary Camera-2
v - High Speed Photometer
w - Wide Field/Planetary Camera
x - Faint Object Camera
y - Faint Object Spectrograph
z - Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph


Program ID; can be any combination of letters or numbers (46,656 possible combinations). There is a unique association between program ID and proposal ID.


Observation set ID; any combination of letters or numbers (1,296 possible combinations).


Observation ID; any combination of letters or numbers (1,296 possible combinations).


Source of transmission or association product number
m - Merged real time and tape recorded
n - Retransmitted merged real time and tape recorded
o - Retransmitted real time (letter “O’)
p - Retransmitted tape recorded
q - Solid-state recorder
r - Real time (not recorded)
s - Retransmitted solid-state recorder
t - Tape recorded
0 - Primary association product (number zero)
1-8 - ACS, COS, NICMOS, or WFC3 association sub-product