Typographic Conventions

To help you understand the material in this Data Handbook, we will use a few consistent typographic conventions.

Visual Cues

The following typographic cues are used:

  • bold words identify the name of task of package name from Python (and historical IRAF/PyRAF when necessary).
  • typewriter-like words identify a file name, system command, or response that is typed or displayed.
  • italic type indicates a new term, an important point, a mathematical variable, a task parameter, or a satellite name.
  • SMALL CAPS identifies a header keyword.

  • ALL CAPS identifies a table column.


Occasional side comments point out four types of information, each identified with a different border color and symbol on the left-hand side of the box.

Warning: You could corrupt data, produce incorrect results, or create some other kind of severe problem.

Heads up: Here is something that is often done incorrectly of that is not obvious.

Tip: No problems...just another way to do something or a suggestion that might make your life easier.

Information likely to be updated on a specific website is indicated by this symbol.