Change Log

Changes made to this document mid-Cycle are logged here.

Cumulative notable changes in the Cycle 30 document made as of 18 November, 2022:

Chapter 1

  • Defined "dithering" in the text.

Chapter 2

  • Added numbered bullets for Figure 2.1, especially regarding image headerlets, etc.
  • Added several new Python code blocks with input and output as examples for extraction of data from image headers.
  • Added/updated info on sizes for images using the old subarray apertures in raw, calibrated, and drizzled form.

Chapter 3

  • Updated text in discussion about counts to refer to electrons in calibrated files and DN in raw data.
  • Updated text with an example of the additive nature of DQ pixel flags.
  • Updated text to redirect users from Astroconda to stenv for software environment set-up.
  • Added a bit of text on updating header keywords, especially DRKCFILE and PCTETAB for use when turning on the PCTECORR switch.

Chapter 4

  •  Made minor text updates in a number of sections.

Chapter 5

  • Made minor text updates in a small number of places.