The technical and operational information contained in this handbook is the summary of the experience gained by members of the STScI COS Team and by the COS IDT at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Current and former members of the STScI COS Team include Alessandra Aloisi, Tom Ake, Michael Asfaw, John Bacinski, George Becker, Azalee Bostroem, Dzhuliya Dashtamirova, John Debes, Gisella de Rosa, Rossy Diaz, Serge Dieterich, Van Dixon, Tom Donaldson, Linda Dressel, Justin Ely, Travis Fischer, Will Fischer, Mees Fix, Andrew Fox, Elaine Frazer, David French, Scott Friedman, Parviz Ghavamian, Paul Goudfrooij, George Hartig, Sten Hasselquist, Alec Hirschauer, Svea Hernandez, Phil Hodge, Stephen Holland, Nick Indriolo, Bethan James, Robert Jedrzejewski, Christian Johnson, Mary Beth Kaiser, Nat Kerman, Tony Keyes, Jerry Kriss, Nimisha Kumari, Claus Leitherer, Kevin Lindsay, Sean Lockwood, Chris Long, Matt McMaster, Melissa McGrath, Camellia Magness, Derck Massa, Lauren Miller, Sami Niemi, Cristina Oliveira, Rachel Osten, Steven Penton, Rachel Plesha, Charles Proffitt, Marc Rafelski (lead), Julia Roman-Duval, Kate Rowlands, David Sahnow, Hugues Sana, Ravi Sankrit, Ken Sembach, Brittany Shaw, Ed Smith, David Soderblom, Paule Sonnentrucker, Joanna Taylor, Katya Verner, Nolan Walborn, Alan Welty, Tom Wheeler, James White, Mike Wolfe, Brian York, and Wei Zheng. All of these individuals contributed to this volume, as did Russ Makidon.

The COS IDT includes James Green (Principal Investigator), Cynthia Froning (Project Scientist), Steven Penton, Steven Osterman (Instrument Scientist), Stéphane Béland, Eric Burgh, Charles Danforth, Kevin France, and Brian Keeney, all of whom provided information and assistance. COS co-investigators are Dennis Ebbets (Ball Aerospace), Sara R. Heap (GSFC), Claus Leitherer (STScI), Jeffrey Linsky (University of Colorado), Blair D. Savage (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Ken Sembach (STScI), J. Michael Shull (University of Colorado), Oswald Siegmund (University of California, Berkeley), Theodore P. Snow (University of Colorado), John Spencer and Alan Stern (Southwest Research Institute), and John T. Stocke (University of Colorado). K. Brownsberger, J. Morse, and E. Wilkinson have also been part of the COS IDT and have made significant contributions.

The prime contractor for COS is Ball Aerospace, Boulder, Colorado. The XDL detector was built at UC Berkeley by O. Siegmund, J. McPhate, J. Vallerga, and B. Welsh.

The Editor thanks Susan Rose (Former Senior Technical Editor) for her contributions to the production of this handbook.