12.17 Cycle 29 Calibration Program

The Cycle 29 calibration plans for COS continue the routine calibration and monitoring programs performed in previous Cycles. Brief descriptions of the programs are listed in Table 12.2. The full calibration plan for Cycle 29 is listed in Table 12.22. Two contingency programs introduced in Cycle 28 are included in this cycle as well. The program COS FUV Change in Spectroscopic Sensitivity Trends is a supplement to the COS FUV Spectroscopic Sensitivity Monitor and is activated when the time-dependent sensitivity appears to be changing on short timescales. The COS FUV Characterization of Modal Gain When Changing High Voltage program is activated when the high voltage of the FUV detector is changed.

The program also included enabling and calibration programs designed to facilitate the move to Lifetime Position 6 (LP6); they are listed in Table 12.23.

Table 12.22: Cycle 29 Calibration Programs.

Program NameProgram ID

Cycle 29 COS NUV MAMA Fold Distribution


Cycle 29 COS NUV Detector Dark Monitor


Cycle 29 COS NUV Spectroscopic Sensitivity Monitor


Cycle 29 COS NUV Wavelength Scale Monitor


Cycle 29 COS NUV Target Acquisition Monitor


Cycle 29 COS FUV Detector Gain Maps


Cycle 29 COS FUV Detector Dark Monitor


Cycle 29 COS FUV Spectroscopic Sensitivity Monitor


Cycle 29 COS FUV Wavelength Scale Monitor

Cycle 29 COS FUV Target Acquisition Monitor16831
Cycle 29 COS FUV Change in Spectroscopic Sensitivity Trends*16832
Cycle 29 COS FUV Characterization of Modal Gain When Changing High Voltage*16833

*contingency program

Table 12.23: Lifetime Position 6 Calibration Program.

I. Enable Science at the New Lifetime PositionProgram ID
Verification of Target Placement for COS at LP616849
FUV Focus Sweep Enabling Program at LP616850
Verification and Update of TA Parameters at LP616851
II. Calibrate the New Lifetime Position
COS FUV LP6 Calibration: Profiles, Traces, Sensitivities, Flat Fields, and Spatial Resolution


Mapping the COS LP6 Spectral Resolution


COS FUV LP6 Calibration: Dispersion Solutions
COS FUV LP6 Calibration: Lamp Templates
LP6 Gain Map Program

If your program requires calibrations beyond those described here, then you should explicitly include this calibration in your Phase I proposal.