12.8 Cycle 20 Calibration Program

The Cycle 20 calibration program continued the routine calibration and monitoring observations performed in Cycle 19, including long-term programs to monitor the sensitivity and wavelength scale of both the FUV and NUV detectors. Brief descriptions of these monitoring programs are presented in Table 12.2. Table 12.8. lists additional special calibration programs that were undertaken in Cycle 20.

Table 12.8: Cycle 20 Calibration Program.

Program IDTitleAccuracy AchievedProducts


COS Observations of Geocoronal Lyman-α Emission

G140L: S/N = 2 per pixel at 1200 Å,
G130M: S/N = 2 per pixel at 1213 Å

List of exposures on the COS website2 that GOs may use to model and subtract Lyman α

1 Coordinated parallel with STIS calibration program 13145.
2 http://www.stsci.edu/hst/instrumentation/cos/calibration/airglow