10.1 Analysis of Scanned Data

Spatial scans enable observations of bright sources such as host stars of exoplanets, as well as high precision astrometry and photometry. However, the analysis of spatially scanned data obtained with HST WFC3 is different from that of nominal, staring-mode observations, for which an established pipeline is provided to the users, namely (calwf3, see Chapter 3).

For spatially scanned data the observers are required to customize a larger fraction of their analysis with respect to the typical staring mode of observation. In this section, we describe custom analysis flows for scanned A) IR spectroscopy, especially of exoplanet transits or eclipses, and B) UVIS and IR imaging. UVIS scanned spectroscopy is not recommended, due to order overlap.

To begin their own custom analysis, we recommend observers use:

  •  _ima.fits files for IR
  •  _flt.fits or _flc.fits files for UVIS observation