This document is written and maintained by the STIS Team in the Instruments Division of STScI with the assistance of associates in the Operations and Engineering Division. Contributions to the current edition were made by D. Branton, J. Carlberg, J. Debes, S. Deustua, S. Lockwood, M. Maclay, T. Monroe, A. Riley, T. Sohn, D. Welty.

It is with pleasure that we thank the ST-ECF, in particular Michael Rosa and Jeremy Walsh, for their numerous contributions, and the STIS Instrument Definition Team (IDT) at GSFC, in particular Bruce Woodgate1 (PI), Randy Kimble, Chuck Bowers, and Ted Gull for ongoing technical interaction, for material provided in support of this Handbook. We also thank Don Lindler (Sigma Space Corporation) for his technical contributions and many illuminating discussions. We are particularly grateful to Susan Rose (Senior Technical Editor) for cheerfully supporting the editing of this handbook.

1 Deceased.