15.3 More Detailed Information

More detailed descriptions of the calstis software and its modular components are available in Chapter 3 of the STIS Data Handbook, and in a series of STIS documents, listed below, and accessible via the STIS webpages.

  • STIS ISR 1998-10: “Calstis0: Pipeline Calibration of STIS Data—A Detailed View”
  • STIS ISR 1998-26: “Calstis1: Basic Two-Dimensional Image Reduction”
  • STIS ISR 1998-11: “Calstis2: Cosmic Ray Rejection in the STIS Calibration Pipeline”
  • STIS ISR 1998-22: “Cosmic Ray Rejection in STIS CCD Images”
  • STIS ISR 1998-12: “Calstis4, Calstis11, Calstis12: Wavecal Processing in the STIS Calibration Pipeline”
  • STIS ISR 1999-03: “Calstis6: “Extraction of 1-D Spectra in the STIS Calibration Pipeline”
  • STIS ISR 1998-13: “Calstis7: Two-dimensional rectification of spectroscopic data in the STIS Calibration Pipeline”
  • STIS ISR 1998-28: “The STIS Pipeline - Determination of Calibration Switch Settings”
  • STIS ISR 2002-01: “2-D Algorithm for Removing Scattered Light from STIS Echelle Data”
  • STIS ISR 2003-03: “An Algorithm for Correcting CTE Loss in Spectrophotometry of Point Sources with the STIS CCD”
  • STIS ISR 2006-03: “A new CTE Correction Algorithm for Point Source Spectroscopy with the STIS CCD: Correcting for charge trap filling by the “red halo” of the CCD Point Spread Function redward of 8000 Å”
  • STIS ISR 2007-03: “Time Dependent Trace Angles for the STIS First Order Modes”
  • STIS ISR 2007-04: “wx2d: A PyRAF Routine to Resample Spectral Images”
  • STIS ISR 2018-01: "A Python Script for Aligning the STIS Echelle Blaze Function"
  • Pixel-based CTI Corrections for STIS CCD Data

The ISRs currently contain the most up-to-date descriptions of the calibration software. New releases of calstis are accompanied by updates under the “Software Tools” page on the STIS website.

A series of Jupyter notebooks available on the HST Notebooks Repository provide examples on using different modules of calstis and working with STIS data

  • calstis 2D CCD Calibration Steps
  • 1D Spectral Extraction
  • Viewing STIS Data
  • Custom CCD Darks
  • Correcting for Missing Wavecals with Cross-Correlation