This section provides the basic properties of the filters available for use with the FUV-MAMA detector.  The field of view of the FUV-MAMA is 25 arcsec × 25 arcsec, unless otherwise stated.  The FUV imaging sensitivity has been decreasing with time, with a time dependence very similar to that seen for the G140L mode (see Figure 7.15).  Note that the sensitivities given are projected values for August 2008.

Users may also want to consider whether the ACS SBC detector might be better for their observing program.  The SBC has a slightly larger field-of-view, a wider selection of filters, and better throughput at most wavelengths.

Section 25MAMA—FUV-MAMA Clear
Section 25MAMAD1—FUV-MAMA Pseudo-Aperture
Section F25ND3—FUV-MAMA
Section F25ND5—FUV-MAMA
Section F25NDQ - FUV-MAMA
Section F25QTZ—FUV-MAMA, Longpass
Section F25QTZD1—FUV-MAMA, Longpass Pseudo-Aperture
Section F25SRF2—FUV-MAMA, Longpass
Section F25SRF2D1—FUV-MAMA, Longpass Pseudo-Aperture
• Section F25LYA—FUV-MAMA, Lyman-α