13.4 Apertures

On the following pages we provide, for each supported aperture, a description of the aperture, the wavelength dependent point source throughput of the aperture, and some advice on its use. The current complete listing of STIS aperture + detector + grating combinations supported, available-but-unsupported, or prohibited – may be found in Table 8.7 of the Phase II Proposal Instructions. The detailed locations, orientations, and scales of the apertures are given in the SIAF table. A description and schematic of the long 52X apertures, showing the fiducial occulting bars, is given in Section 13.2.6 and Figure 13.1.

Wavelengths in this handbook and in STIS data products are always measured in vacuum conditions.

52X0.05 Aperture
52X0.05E1 and 52X0.05D1 Pseudo-Apertures
52X0.1 Aperture
52X0.1E1 and 52X0.1D1 Pseudo-Apertures
52X0.2 Aperture
52X0.2E1, 52X0.2E2, and 52X0.2D1 Pseudo-Apertures
52X0.5 Aperture
52X0.5E1, 52X0.5E2, and 52X0.5D1 Pseudo-Apertures
52X2 Aperture
52X2E1, 52X2E2, and 52X2D1 Pseudo-Apertures
52X0.2F1 Aperture
0.2X0.06 Aperture
0.2X0.2 Aperture
0.2X0.09 Aperture
6X0.2 Aperture
0.1X0.03 Aperture
FP-SPLIT Slits 0.2X0.06FP(A-E) Apertures
FP-SPLIT Slits 0.2X0.2FP(A-E) Apertures
31X0.05ND(A-C) Apertures
0.2X0.05ND Aperture
0.3X0.05ND Aperture
F25NDQ Aperture