17.11 Cycle 17 Calibration Plan

The STIS Cycle 17 calibration plan includes the usual routine calibration and monitoring observations performed in previous Cycles. However, because of the long gap in STIS operations, and changes in STIS usage, the emphasis on some activities have changed:

  • Programs to derive new pixel-to-pixel flat fields for both the MAMA (programs 11861 and 11862) and CCD (programs 11852 and 11853) detectors were a high priority for early in Cycle 17.
  • New flux calibrations for all STIS echelle central wavelength settings have also been included early in the Cycle, in order to measure changes in the echelle blaze function (program 11866).
  • Special calibration programs to improve the cross-calibration between STIS, COS, and other space-based instrumentation (programs 11865 and 11999) were also executed.
  • New supplemental Cycle 17 calibration programs were added to follow up on the results of earlier SMOV4 and Cycle 17 calibration observations. Specifically, program 12078: to verify the adjustment of two STIS MSM positions and 12079: to study the calibration lamp ratios at all wavelengths.
  • Observations were added as part of the Cycle 17 supplemental calibration plan to programs 11861, 11857, and 11860 to improve the characterization of the FUV-MAMA flat fields, the MAMA dark rate, and the echelle time-dependent sensitivity.

The results of all the Cycle 17 calibration programs are presented in the close-out report STIS ISR 2012-03. A detailed summary of the calibration plans can be found on the STIS Calibration web page.