1.5 The Help Desk at STScI

STScI has a Help Desk whose staff quickly provide answers on any HST-related topic, including questions regarding STIS and the proposal process.

If you have questions about the implementation of your STIS program, usually it is best to reach out to your Contact Scientist (CS).  If you do not have a CS, you may send a request to the Help Desk asking for one to be assigned to your program. If your program has already executed or you are unsure about whether or not you have a CS, you should direct all inquiries to the Help Desk.

The Help Desk staff have access to all of the resources available at the Institute, and they maintain a database of answers so that frequently asked questions can be immediately answered. (The answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the knowledge base on the help desk website) The Help Desk staff can also provide hard copies of STScI documentation, including Instrument Science Reports and Instrument Handbooks, however due to the the pandemic this service may be unavailable. Electronic copies of documents are available via the Web. Questions sent to the Help Desk are responded to within two working days. The Help Desk staff will do their best to fully answer the question.

We ask that you please send all initial inquiries to the Help Desk at http://hsthelp.stsci.edu. If your question cannot be answered by the Help Desk staff on duty, the Help Desk staff will liaise with the appropriate expert to obtain and deliver the answer. By sending your request to the Help Desk, you are guaranteed that someone will provide you with a timely response.
To contact the HST Help Desk at STScI, we encourage users to access the new web portal where you can submit your questions directly to the appropriate team of experts and access the knowledge base.