17.12 Cycle 18 Calibration Plan

The Cycle 18 calibration plan continues the Cycle 17 monitoring programs adjusting observing times as necessary to better characterize the instrument. This calibration plan takes into account the Cycle 18 GO calibration requirements for the CCD and MAMA detectors.

For Cycle 18, separate calibration data will no longer be routinely collected to support on-chip binning, as this option is rarely used. A new special calibration program, 12418, will evaluate the use of the DB white dwarf star WD0308-566 as a possible flux standard for COS and STIS. A DB-type white dwarf would provide a useful cross-check on the DA white dwarf standards normally used, especially for wavelengths near Lyman-alpha.

A detailed summary of the calibration plans can be found on the STIS Calibration web page.