1.1 New for Cycle 32

We have made the following updates to the WFC3 Instrument Handbook for this cycle:

  • We have updated information, plots, and references throughout the handbook based on the eight Instrument Science Reports (ISRs) released in 2023.
  • We have replaced Figures 2.1, 5.2, 5.6, 5.12, 5.23, 5.246.1, 6.13, 6.14, 6.186.20, and 7.1 with equivalent but higher resolution versions. 
  • We have updated Section 7.8 with the latest IR detector sensitivity loss estimates.
  • We have replaced Figure 5.28 to reflect the P-flats delivered in 2020. 
  • We have modified the useful wavelength range for G280 listed in Section 6.5 and Section 8.1 to align with 2020 results.
  • We have updated Section 8.2 and Section 8.5 to include the G280 background sky models delivered in 2023.
  • We have added Figure 8.4 to show total transmission of both IR grisms in the same wavelength space, and replaced Figures 8.6 and 8.8 to show more recent grism throughput curves instead of those from SMOV. 
  • We have added information about currently-available software for extraction and calibration of grism data to Section 8.5.
  • We have updated Section 8.6 with more recent references and clarified details about available software for designing spatial scanning observations.
  • The following changes have been made to Appendix E:
    • We have added an "Overview" section (Section E.1) that contains a table summarizing all WFC3 calibration plans and corresponding timespans.
    • We have incremented all section and table numbers by one to reflect the addition of the new overview section and summary table. 
    • We have added a summary of the WFC3 calibration plan for the current cycle in Section E.18.